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"This cat was found abandoned, suffering from malnourishment, crossed-eyes, a cleft pallet, and an infected wound on her hind leg, and was trying to catch birds (with no claws) in Pickerington around the 15th of July. At the time she was estimated to be around 4 or 5 months old due to her size; however, after being vet-checked, it was determined that she is at least 3 years old. At the time of rescue she only weighed 5.2 lbs, and has since started putting on weight. The vet stated that the wound on her leg was likely from an over-groomed allergic reaction, as Siamese cats often don't do well outside. She should remain a mostly/completely indoor cat. She was given cortisone and antibiotics which seemed to help her greatly. She is very "chatty" when around humans, but is quiet when she is alone. She likes adults and children, and is indifferent to my two dogs; however, she is not warming up to my female cat, and would benefit from being an only cat. She likes being brushed, and does not appear to shed. She is a sweet kitty and does not seem to let her "disabilities" (crossed eyes and cleft pallet) stop her. She would make an excellent companion animal, as she is fairly low maintenance and has a pleasant demeanor. She also took to using a litter box with no issues. We would love to find her a good home soon, since she is currently living in our basement since she is very aggressive toward our cat. If it were not for that, she would totally be OUR cat (My kids love her, and have been calling her Yzma/Ezma, after the character in the film The Emperor's New Groove)"

Brought to our attention 8/14/2018
(Adoption fee waived to approved home)

(courtesy listing)

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This listing was posted as a courtesy for a wonderful person who found and is temporarily caring for these lost souls. Zen Cat Rescue has no personal information regarding the medical condition or history of these animals as they are not currently in our care. However, these beautiful creatures still needs love, a home, and attention.
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